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June 12 2018

WJ/task is one the world’s first fully-hierarchical task tracking systems. It was deployed internally at Wissler-Jensen around 2011 and has been in active use ever since.

WJ/task was designed for engineers, by engineers. We strive for no-frills functionality and scalability; our motto is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The key insight of WJ/task is that there’s no justifiable dichotomy between “high-level” work-breakdown structure-orientation and detailed task tracking; you need a seamless hierarchical decomposition of all tracked work across all scales. Therefore, in WJ/task each task represents a work unit which can be decomposed into an arbitrary level of precision by adding subordinate tasks. Such a structure provides the backbone upon which all other project management features must be built.

Some of the other features provided by WJ/task include:

  • A web browser-based user interface that works on mobile devices
  • A unique customizable desktop system to keep track of various aspects of your project
  • A task journal (aka “feed”) that notifies and tracks relevant activity
  • Threaded discussion under each task
  • Time-tracking, rolled up according to cost-accounts and patrons
  • Per-task alarms for due dates, reminders, recurring tasks, etc.
  • Task dependencies
  • Comprehensive time-based index (Time Index)
  • A simple invoicing system
  • Email integration
  • Security features, including the ability to assign people to specific groups such that they can only see or modify tasks if they have the right level of permission
  • Self-hosted; you retain complete control of the deployed system and are not dependent upon “The Cloud”
  • File attachments – upload/download files and view images from within WJ/task
  • Virtually unlimited task “domains”, which are independent project areas with their own set of users and tasks

WJ/task can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.