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Wissler-Jensen Privacy Policy

August 17 2020

We take your privacy so seriously that we urge all of our users to avoid “The Cloud” where possible and self-host your tools and services. If the tool you want to use doesn’t offer a non-Cloud version, use someone else’s tools if possible. We find the ocean of privacy promises made by cloud providers to ring hollow: Whenever you hand your information over to a third party, there is always the possibility it will be leaked, hacked, copied, retained, snooped by employees, etc. Software developers should be better citizens and help people get away from “The Cloud”, not push everyone toward it.

We will never share information you provide to us to third parties without your explicit consent, unless it is to initiate or comply with an investigation of illegal activities.

If you contact us by email, we may save the email. If you visit our website, we may log your IP address and other information your browser supplies.

When you request an evaluation or purchase a license for one of our tools, we need to know your legal identity. This includes your real name, your company name, and your company email address.

If using a service we are hosting for you, we may:

  • Log account access by IP.
  • Access your account and data in order to help us fix bugs, or to investigate or prevent suspected illegal activities.
  • Store your account data in our backups.
  • Use “cookies” or similar web features in order to implement certain conveniences for you.
  • Delete your account and/or your data if we find it to be in violation of any agreements you have made with us.

We use third-party computer hardware and software in order to host our software.