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WJ/media is a multimedia content management system, which includes a set of technologies for managing, hosting, distributing, and presenting centrally curated media content to a variety of targets. A typical use of this system would be as a school’s digital media library and dissemination system, where (say) specific media is distributed in accordance to specific course requirements, but other uses are also possible.

Select features:

  • Curated. End-users access only authorized media.
  • Self-hosted. You retain complete control of the deployed system and no external connection to the Internet is required for this system to function.
  • Distributed. Relevant media data may be optionally distributed to target nodes, such that no network connection is required in order to access it.
  • Scalable. The hierarchical server system scales to many thousands of end-user nodes.
  • Cross-platform. Deploy the media to various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) as an application, or to a single-function kiosk.
  • Multimedia. Supports audio/video (including both tempo and pitch scaling), documents, or custom data types.
  • Customizable. Each curated media environment can be unique: the philosophy of the school or business will uniquely determine content types and the best way to organize, manage, and access media content.

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