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June 30 2020

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Wissler-Jensen are:

[link]Shayne Wissler[link]


Shayne is the founder of Wissler-Jensen (2001). He graduated from the University of Utah with Bachelor (1992) and Masters (1994) of Electrical Engineering degrees, minoring in mathematics. His experience includes C/C++ and other languages, systems programming, embedded programming, programming language philosophy and design, database design, GUI framework design, application architecture, project management, and philosophy.

Shayne has been a tinkerer from a very early age. His grandfather, who at one time repaired pinball machines, noted this and gave him boxes of wires, lights, relays, and transformers to play with. When not distracted with this, he’d take apart things around the house (this may be part of why grandpa gave him the parts) – and put them back together again, usually.

Shayne’s natural practical bent exists in conjunction with a love of theory, where the ultimate joy is the harmonious synthesis of these. In his opinion, practice without theory is a mess; theory without practice is pointless.

[link]Eric Jensen[link]


Eric joined Wissler-Jensen soon after its founding in 2001. He graduated cum laude from the University of Utah with a Bachelor (1994) of Electrical Engineering degree, as well as completing all the coursework for a Master of Computer Science (he did not complete his thesis). His experience includes C/C++ and other languages, many kinds of programming (embedded, systems, client/server, user interface), cross-platform development, build systems, language design, application architecture, and repairing things which are broken.

Eric has always liked puzzles, devices, and building things. He first programmed a computer at age 11 (a TI-99/4a) when home computers were first widely available. Prior to that, he frequently “programmed” physical objects by making domino topples with a variety of moving parts.

Eric likes figuring out or designing how things work to the lowest detail. His preference is to create things from scratch – be it food, household items, or software.

[link]John Wissler[link]


John joined Wissler-Jensen in 2011 while he was getting his Bachelor of Computer Science (2015) from the University of Utah. He started with doing SQA, various IT tasks, and Javascript/HTML. His first project was the user interface for WJ/task and Wissler-Jensen’s Javascript platform. His experience includes C/C++, Linux, Windows, macOS, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and various other technologies.

John has always liked fixing things and figuring out how they work – nothing keeps him in his chair longer than an interesting bug or hard problem. He usually implements our user interfaces, and has taken the lead on integrating a number of technologies to Wissler-Jensen’s products, including Javascript, Node.js, PhoneGap, WebAssembly, NGINX, new Emacs modes, TeX, EPUB, and Harfbuzz.