Software products and services


June 30 2020

Wissler-Jensen is a small software development firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide broad and deep technical expertise, fine craftsmanship, and excellent support.

Our experience includes:

  • Cross-platform end-to-end application solutions including on Windows, Linux, MacOS, VxWorks, and web browsers
  • Full product lifecycle development and support
  • Specialized native applications and graphical user interfaces
  • Distributed database applications
  • Multimedia
  • Signal processing
  • Software development tools
  • … and more.

We have developed a variety of technologies, custom software, and products, including:

  • WJ/task – a collaborative hierarchical task management tool.
  • WJ/media – a curated multimedia management system.
  • WJ/npub – an authoring and publishing system.
  • WJ/duraversion – a source code control tool.
  • A programming language and platform.
  • A distributed database technology.

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